Are all participants should be atleast 18 years old?

Yes, All participants should be at least 18 years old during race day.

Where is the venue?

Our venue will be in Legazpi City Boulevard with the magnificent Mayon Volcano as our backdrop

Are we allowed to wear speed suit or tri suit with sleeves during the swim leg?

Yes, you may wear them. What we do not allow are those suits with sleeves exceeding below the elbow or whose length is exceeding below the knee. Likewise we will not allow compression calves during the swim leg.

 Is there a time limit to finish the whole race course?

Yes, for the standard distance 5 hrs and 30 mins

 Do we really need 3 people to participate in the relay? Can we get away with 2 people?

Yes, you need 3 people for the relay category to do each of the disciplines. We cannot allow 2-man teams.

 What are the details of the Bike Check-in?

Bike check-in is on  the day before the race.  We will not allow bike check-in on the race day. Only Road bikes and Time Trial / Tri bikes are allowed. Only the owner/participant is allowed to check-in and check-out their bikes.

Is tow buoy allowed?

Any floatation device/tow bouy is not allowed.

 Is the event DRAFT LEGAL on the bike?

No. It is a NON-DRAFTING event. Draft Legal rules will only be implemented to the Elite Category.

 Will I be required to wear my bib number on the bike leg?

Yes, you are required to wear your bib number at the back of your torso on the bike leg for identification purposes especially that there will be several categories.

 What are the distances per leg?

The Swim is 1.5 km, Bike is 40 kms and the Run is 10 kms for Standard Distance. 

Who can register as Elite Athlete?

Only those recognized and endorsed by the different National Federations of Triathlon in Asia through ITU can register as elite athlete.

 Are there cash prizes for podium finishers?

Yes, there will be cash prizes. As follows:

Elite (Men & Women)
1st  P30,000
2nd P20,000
3rd P15,000

Age Group (Men & Women)
1st  P4,000
2nd P3.000
3rd P2,000

Relay (Men, Women & Mixed)
1st  P5,000
2nd P3,000
3rd P2,000

FASTEST TEAM(9 male & 1 female)
1st  P10,000
2nd P7,000
3rd P5,000

How much is the Registration Fee?

Registration fees are as follows:

Elite (Men & Women)
Regular rate: P5,000 (Until July 15)
Late Registration: P 5,500 (July 16-30)

Age Group (Men & Women)
Regular rate: P5,000 (Until July 15)
Late Registration: P 5,500 (July 16-30)

Relay(Men, Women & Mixed)
Regular rate: P12,500 (Until July 15)
Late Registration: P 14,500 (July 16-30)

Before signing up, please deposit/transfer registration fee and send a copy of the proof of payment to [email protected]